tents – Marmot Limelight 2P, 2017

The Marmot Limelight 2P falls under the category of car-camping tents due to its weight of nearly six pounds. Active Junky testers pitched it next to their vehicles mainly while camping in the high desert. During those scenarios, it stood up against merciless wind, and it quickly proved to be the testing team’s favorite car-camping tent.

An attractive attribute with this two-person tent is the low price. Of the under $300 options, it showed to be the sturdiest with its three DAC aluminum poles, which while adding durability contributed to its heavier weight. The spacious 33 square foot livable floor area was only surpassed by the Kelty Trail Ridge 2, but the Limelight is lighter.

Active Junky testers also noted the durability of the Limelight’s rainfly fabric that repelled jagged rocks and sharp, thorny bushes. The design of the tent and poles expands the interior space to provide more head room. The D-shaped door is the favorite standout feature for testers. The nearly 360-degree zipper opening makes for smooth entrances and exits, especially if you need to get in and out frequently.

A con to this Marmot tent is that it can take a couple setups before the crisscrossing and intentionally bent poles are intuitive. Their odd shape also causes them not to pack tightly, which causes the whole package to be a bit bulky. If only used for car camping, provided there is ample room in the vehicle, this may not be a deterrent. Active Junky determined this to be one of the best car camping tents.

Key Attribute: Durability

Tester Overall Score: 7.3/10

Tester Comments: Without a doubt, this one ruled trunk and roof rack for car camping outings. Much quieter in the wind than many other tents on the market, Marmot???s design offers generous space for each camper with a signature door configuration that elevates the entire experience.

Best For: Car-campers and backpackers who can take extra weight and aren’t going too far. Also ideal for couples with a pet or small child.

Bottom Line: While this Marmot tent is overly heavy for backpacking, it is great for car camping: spacious, durable, waterproof and easy to set up once you get a feel for it.