swim spas – H2X Swim Spa 2017

H2X Swim Spas are designed to provide a diverse range of uses, such as personal fitness, rehabilitation, and family fun and recreation. A brand under the Master Spas corporate family, H2X swim spa models uphold the same level of quality manufacturing its corporate parent has become known for.

Founded in 1996 and based in Fort Wayne, IN, Master Spas is Spa Search Certified – one of the most prestigious awards conferred in the hot tub industry – and has also received the Touch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau. With regard to quality and innovation, select models have been cited as a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest for their overall combination of value and price. Master Spas was also named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002 by Ernst & Young for advancements made within the hot tub industry.

Energy Efficiency; H2X swim spas are designed to be operated throughout the year in any climate. To achieve this goal, they include strict standards related to the conservation of energy – making the models cost effective to own and operate as well as environmentally responsible.

This focus on energy efficiency is present across the board, with swim spas engineered to conserve heat and lower heating costs. H2X models feature Icynene foam, an environmentally friendly spray foam that’s frequently used in residential and commercial construction. Most notably, it retains its insulating qualities for the life of the spa, making it far superior to lesser insulations, like Urethane, which can reportedly lose half of its insulating value after two years. In addition, Icynene also resists mold and mildew and does not emit any hazardous off-gases.

Low Maintenance; Another trait common to all H2X models is the polymer material used in the construction of the spa skirting. Offering the appearance of real wood, skirting is available in four unique styles: Portabello [sic], Espresso, Walnut Grove and Driftwood. Each offers an authentic-looking wood grain that is easily cleaned with a rag and garden hose, making it practically maintenance free.

Top Models; Here’s how some of H2X’s major models compare, including unique benefits and customizations available for each.

Therapool D; Starting out small, the Therapool D is H2X’s jetted swim and fitness spa. It includes 54 stainless steel jets and three Flow Stream Swim Jets. Relatively compact in terms of overall size, it holds 1,060 gallons of water and measures 8 feet by 11 feet, which allows it to easily fit into most recreation areas, indoors or outdoors. This model is designed primarily for resistance exercise, offering a notable 60-inch depth. It’s ideally suited to rowing and strength training and comes complete with an exercise kit and built-in stainless steel exercise bar.

Optional upgrades include the Deluxe Fusion BT Sound System that features a docking station for your iPod or other digital music player, as well as a built-in FM radio and USB port for connecting other media devices. In addition to entertainment options, Wi-Fi can be added to remotely control spa functions through a dedicated app. Finally, advanced water management options can sanitize the spa while leaving the water feeling cleaner and silkier than standard filtration.

Trainer 15; The midrange of H2X products is represented by the Trainer 15. Measuring 180 inches in length and 94 inches wide, standard models come in depths of 51 inches. A “deep version” adds another 9 inches onto that for a total of 60 inches in depth. It holds up to 1,620 gallons of water and includes 43 stainless steel jets and five waterfalls.

Designed to provide things as various as total fitness and family entertainment, the Trainer 15 is unique in that it includes Velocity Injector Plate technology. This advancement reportedly improves performance related to swim jets by 45% when compared to standard models by introducing negative pressure around the jet face, pulling water through the system more effectively.

As with the Therapool D, available upgrades include deluxe sound system, Wi-Fi control and advanced water management. Bonus equipment can be added, including a stainless steel exercise bike or treadmill.

Trainer 19; Top of the line by any standard, the Trainer 19 from H2X is the ultimate combination of fitness and leisure in a swim spa. It is the only model in this line that separates the spa from the swimming area, allowing you to maintain two different water temperatures for each.

Measuring 231 inches long by 94 inches wide, it’s also available in two different depths: 51 inches standard and a 60-inch deep version. The Trainer 19 holds 2,010 gallons of water and features 48 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets and five waterfalls.

Similar to all other units, this model can be upgraded with premium options that include deluxe sound system, Wi-Fi control and Mast3rPur Water Management. Bonus equipment is also available, including a stainless steel exercise bike, treadmill and deluxe covers.

Conclusion; With performance-enhancing technologies, built-in energy efficiency, low maintenance and deep versions available for two of its four swim spa models, Master Spas continues to provide a unique combination of affordability and high-end physical fitness with the H2X product line.