swim spas – Dimension One 2017

Since 1977, Dimension One Spas has been manufacturing a wide variety of leading hot tubs and swim spas. It now holds more than 30 patents throughout both product lines. Research and development is focused on a combination of lasting quality and environmental sustainability, enabling this company to provide swim spas that are equally durable and cost effective to operate.

Based out of Carlsbad, CA, Dimension One Spas is the first hot tub manufacturer to be awarded the Silver Medal Shingo Prize (2007) ??? the most distinguished recognition for quality manufacturing in the United States is known among industry professionals as the ???Nobel of Manufacturing???. Dimension One has also received recognition for innovation and customer service from Ernst & Young, the Society of Plastic Engineers and the American Business Awards.

Environmental Responsibility; Dimension One swim spas are designed to be energy efficient and minimize consumption and impact on the environment through the inclusion of recycled components. Producing the first fully insulated spa, Dimension One uses urethane foam in the manufacture of its products. Shown to effectively retain heat, this type of insulation requires up to 85 percent less energy to operate than a standard in-ground swimming pool.

This company’s corporate commitment to the preservation of natural resources is also seen in the raw materials it uses to create the skirting for its swim spas. Using high-density polyethylene, swim spa skirts are essentially constructed from recycled milk cartons. In addition to conserving resources, the material is also considered to be a healthier alternative by the Health Building Network as it does not emit unsafe fumes.

Top Models; Dimension One produces four unique swim spas in three different lengths. Here???s a quick look at the three main configurations, including features for each.

AquaFIT SPORT; Offering both a smooth swimming experience and cross-training exercise capabilities, the AquaFIT SPORT is the shortest model available from Dimension One. Measuring a compact 156 inches in length, it???s also 92 inches wide and 52 inches deep. It holds 1,350 gallons of water, includes four high-volume swim jets (upgrading to six if desired) and comes with a swim lane on the floor of the tub to aid with performance and training.

One of the unique aspects of the Dimension One models is its inclusion of an advanced water-management system. Capable of processing 10,000 gallons each day, it blends ozone into the water three times. This process results in a cleaner pool as the ozone is able to kill more bacteria with each successive exposure to the water.

AquaFIT PLAY; Stepping up into the midrange, the AquaFIT PLAY adds two hydrotherapy seats into one end of the pool and an additional three feet onto the length. This model measures 192 inches in length, 90.25 inches wide and 52 inches deep. It holds 1,700 gallons of water and comes with up to six high-volume swim jets that enable customized speed and pressure.

Incorporating the same water filtration system as the AquaFIT SPORT, the swim spa shell is reportedly one of the most durable available, resisting cracks and blisters that result from the sun in warmer climates. Plus, the shell on the AquaFIT PLAY (and all other three models) is covered by a lifetime warranty. This unit also offers optional extras that include a stereo system and additional lighting.

AquaFIT PRO; This model is tied for top of the line, with only one other swim spa (the AquaFIT PLUS) providing the same length. Holding 2,400 gallons of water, it measures 228 inches in length, 90.25 inches wide and 62 inches deep ??? and it???s the depth that separates the two models. The AquaFIT PRO is a full 10 inches deeper than the AquaFIT PLUS, providing a wider range of capabilities for resistance exercise.

In fact, this unit is designed specifically for fitness training. It features 14 Optimounts that provide a safe, secure means of attaching resistance bands and other equipment. Like each of the other units, the AquaFIT PRO also includes up to six high-volume swim jets that allow customized speed and pressure.

Conclusion; In addition to its focus on eco-friendly manufacturing, Dimension One ensures its products are built to last with a self-contained welded steel frame ??? one of the only swim spas to include this level of engineering. The swim spas also incorporate a slip-resistant material that enhances both comfort and safety when getting in and out of the pool.