survey software – SurveyMoz 2017

SurveyMoz is a basic survey creator that provides all of the basic features that you need for your small business. This online survey creator gives you the tools to survey key audiences and get results that can lead to positive changes for your business. It also offers free accounts for educational and nonprofit organizations, so if you fit these criteria, SurveyMoz may be a good fit for you.


Unfortunately, this survey software application only offers two plans: the basic free trial package and the premium plan. This means that if your company outgrows SurveyMoz’s capabilities, you will need to search for a new survey maker.

Making a survey using SurveyMoz is easy. The platform is user intuitive and not cluttered with unnecessary icons. Each action, from adding questions to launching and distributing your survey, is clearly labeled. If you make a mistake, it is easy to go back and edit your questions and even change the type of question.

One feature that sets SurveyMoz apart from many other survey options is its ability to translate surveys into other languages.

The templates provided by SurveyMoz are thorough and well designed. They provide good instruction on what the software can do and save you the time and effort of having to create popular surveys, such as employee evaluations and customer experiences, from scratch.

On average, when we tested respondents, the response was positive. Feedback based on the design of the software was positive and respondents appreciated the clean and uncluttered look of the software. Knowing how audiences respond to surveys is an important part of the decision when choosing an online survey maker, since your experience as the business user is only one-half of the reason for obtaining survey software.

One feature that could make this program more useful is offline collection and sync capability. This would allow you to take your survey to venues that may not have internet or Wi-Fi, such as trade shows or offsite appearances. You could collect the survey information and then upload it to the main online survey to get a more robust data set.

As a SurveyMoz customer, you receive expedited 24/7 support. While the company does not offer telephone support, it makes up for it with quick, knowledgeable answers through email. When we tested the email feature, our questions were answered thoroughly by a support representative.

SurveyMoz is an easy-to-use and reliable survey tool. While it lacks some useful features and is limited to two plans, it is still a good choice in survey creation, especially if you are in the business of education or nonprofit work, since this service caters to those markets.