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eNotes has a large supply of information to share with students looking for precise lesson materials to help them expand their knowledge base. The large quantity of materials mixed with the variety of methods to use said materials makes also ensures eNotes a top position amongst the upper hierarchy of our study guide websites.

Topics Covered

eNotes has very flexible methods of payment. From the ability to only purchase single PDF file for $3.95, or one can alternate between full passes that are allotted at $14.95 for a month-to-month pass, or a full year pass for $49.95. This price does not include lesson plans, however, which is one of the more valuable assets for an educator to have. But overall, this price is definitely well worth the amount of information and variety of topics offered by this website.

The topics covered on eNotes are as varied as the uses that can be employed from these resources. Vast amounts of material can be found on multiple and various themes. We did a search for information on Harper Lee???s To Kill A Mockingbird and the search results brought back over 1400 pages of results, with thirty results listed per page. On top of the sheer volume of information, there are also areas of research that involve analysis of topics, and also a section dedicated to questions and answers where students are able to pose inquiries about certain subjects and receive answers from other students and authorities on the topic.

A truly golden aspect of this website, however, is the option to download lesson plans. While this is mainly an advantage for teachers to use, students can take advantage of the information involved in such a tool. One method that teachers can use with the lesson plans is having students each download at least one lesson plan and adapt the lesson in order to teach a group of their peers, by using the various lesson plans throughout the semester, each student would be able to download and teach at least one section per term.

Quality is a top priority for eNotes, accuracy and effective materials meant to give your students an added boost in their studies. Students are able to share what insights they???ve learned into the subjects that they are studying, this works to help strengthen a student???s comprehension by allowing them to share their newfound knowledge, and it gives other students an additional resource by adding another perspective to the list of study tools at their disposal.

Navigating through the site is relatively simple, with an effective search engine and areas divided up into easily identifiable sections easily accessed through tabs on the top of the screen

Quality of Content

eNotes is an excellent resource for both students and teachers alike. The one real negative mark for this resource is its noticeable lack of customer support, with only an email contact for detailed problems and an FAQ section for more immediate troubleshooting.

However, with an impressive host of information backing it up, and a plethora of resources made available through this site, eNotes can be safely regarded as a safe bet for your study needs. Be sure to compare eNotes with some of our other leading study guide services to see which one is ideal for you.

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