stock photography service – Photo Library

approval winning Photo Library is a stock photography service that offers photography, illustrations and digital images that are available either royalty free or as licensed stock photography. You can look through their footage and music databases, which are larger than most stock photography databases on other websites. The name of the website should be changed to “Media Library” because they offer a lot more than just photos. Plus, the fact they try to spread their focus across three different types of media doesn’t do good things for the image area of their product offerings.

Feature Set

Standout Features

With Photo Library, you can look for stock images, footage and music, sign up for giveaways or search through their databases using the name of the artists. You can go to individual websites for each collection the website offers and search through the images it has in its repertoire. When you go to their giveaways page, you can tell they want to give their customers the greatest benefit for coming to their site. You can win gift certificates, vacations, electronics, gift packs and more. It’s great to go to a site that gives you a helpful service; it’s even better that helpful service gives back to you.

On their Photo Library site, they offer some good search options including search by keyword, orientation, theme and release status. You can also narrow your search down by selecting or unselecting keywords or picking what type of image you want, if the image you want will be in color or black and white and if it will have people in it or not. Customers are given the option to search within a particular collection as well, which is in addition to the high functioning search options already present on each collection page.

For the price, the quality could be better. We found many photos in which the color appeared washed out or looked like amateur work.

They offer just about everything you could want including, objects, illustrations, CD collections, images, clip art and short animations. However, they do not offer video, commissioned work, pre-masked objects or vector images.

Search/Sort Options

Photo Library offers some affordable subscription options, however their quality and selection does not surpass some of the higher ranked products. For example PunchStock and Jupiter Images offer better quality for about the same price.