stock analysis – E-TRADE Stock Analysis 2017

E-Trade Financial is a stock analysis software that specializes in evaluating the market and your financial options. You get a technical analysis of stock trends as well as low costs and helpful educational materials with E-Trade Financial.


Each stock you trade online costs $9.99, which is only slightly higher than other stock technical analysis services we reviewed. For each broker-assisted order, you pay a fee of $25. This price is lower than many competitors’ rates. E-Trade doesn’t charge an annual fee of any kind, so you never have to worry about a recurring charge.

While stock is a popular choice, E-Trade Financial also offers options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and other investments. You get the best price for these choices because E-Trade Financial is a member of NBBO, National Best Bid and Offer. If you’re interested in international stocks, you have access to the International Stock Exchange as well. This service is one of the few that allows you to invest in futures and forex on your own. Smart order routing and access to the Electronic Communication Network are also benefits of an E-Trade Financial account.

This stock market software has all of the necessary tools to help you figure out successful stocks, bonds and other investments. There are three different platforms that you can trade on: web based, desktop based and mobile based. From each, you can track the market, view your accounts and analyze real-time quotes. There are many customizable charts, graphs and criteria-based research tools. Level I and Level II quotes are both available, along with automated trading to make your life easier when you’re away from your computer.

E-Trade Financial offers 24/7 service so you always have somewhere to go if you need a question answered. There are email addresses and phone numbers on the website as well as an online chat feature. We found that representatives were quick to answer questions in a thorough manner.

If you don’t want to do your own stock analysis, an E-Trade Financial account can help do some of the work for you. With tools like automated trading, Level II quotes, and plentiful charts and graphs, doing your stock research can take much less time.