stick vacuum – Rowenta 2017

The Rowenta AIR FORCE stick vacuum has a unique suction head with a triangular shape. It’s meant to reach deeper into carpet, but, unfortunately, it didn’t perform as well as the best stick vacuums in our tests. The vacuum’s greatest attribute is its battery, which far and away lasted longer than other stick vacs we tested.


On our carpet test, the AIR FORCE took eight passes to completely clean the area – twice the number of passes as the best-performing stick vacuums. A big downside to this vacuum is its lack of suction power on debris trapped in carpet. For the pet hair test, the electric broom only picked up 75 percent of pet hair, regardless of how many times we vacuumed over the same area. The triangular head performed better on hardwood, however, cleaning the entire area in only five passes. This stick vacuum doesn’t come with a hand vac, so it isn’t your best choice if you need a small vacuum for cleaning your car.

On the positive side, the rechargeable battery really stands out. Although it requires a long 16 hours to reach a full charge on its charging stand, the vacuum runs for a solid 48 minutes. That’s four times the average for this category. Its longevity makes it a good choice for larger houses or if you forget to recharge it.

It runs fairly quiet. At maximum power, our tests found the AIR FORCE had a volume of 89 decibels, which is in the lower range. The dust bin fits nicely and the head swivels well. The vacuum’s triangular design actually helps you change directions more easily.

We found the manufacturer’s website lacking. There is both a customer service and e-mail option, but both were hard to find. We also couldn’t find an online manual anywhere on the site, which might be a pain if you lose the owner’s manual. Rowenta offers a standard one-year warranty on parts and service.

As far as rechargeable vacuums go, you won’t find one that lasts longer. Still, it’s not enough to recommend this vacuum. It doesn’t matter how long a vacuum runs if it’s not able to accomplish the primary task of vacuuming. You’d be better off sacrificing running time for overall performance.