stereo headphones – JVC HA-RX900 2017

When you are looking to upgrade your music experience with a set of quality stereo headphones, you do not usually think of JVC first. We are pleasantly surprised with the amazing sound quality of the JVC HA-RX900 headset and its comfortable design.


These JVC headphones are closed-ear design, which means they completely cover your ears, while allowing minimal sound leakage. The lows are tight and deep with a nice punch, and they do not saturate the mix. They also have a very good mid range that is distinct and clear. Unfortunately, the high frequencies do not extend as far as we would like. They are still very balanced with the mids and bass, and you may find that they will sound better with age as they are properly broken in. With a frequency response of 7 to 26,000Hz, these headphones are capable of reproducing a very nice sound stage in which you can identify the location of every instrument as the sound echoes in your ear canals.

Although these headphones are considered large and heavy compared to our other ranked headphones, the HA-RX900 fits nearly every ear. Often, closed-ear headsets are uncomfortable for people with larger ears or heads, but these are among the few headphones that fit most everyone. In regard to weight, 12.38 ounces may not sound that heavy, but you might start to notice the weight after a few hours of constant use.

With an impedance of 65 ohms, these audio headphones are designed more for studio work than for portable devices. Although you can still use them with your iPod, smartphone or tablet, you will need to use an amplifier to get the most from the HA-RX900s. If you use these headphones with a battery-powered mobile device and no amplifier, expect the volume to be softer than normal.

The ear cups are large and nicely padded and fit all the way around the ear for superior comfort. However, the material used in the padding does not breathe very well and can get hot in the summer months. Your ears might start to heat up or sweat after extended use.

The 11.5-foot cable ends with a 1/8-inch gold-plated connector. A 1/4-inch gold-plated adapter is also included so you can connect to your stereo system or mixer. We are glad JVC included the adapter since the headphones are designed for studio work, but we are disappointed the HA-RX900s do not come with a carry case to help protect the headphones.

The JVC HA-RX900 headphones provide excellent quality and performance and will keep you tapping your toes for a very long time. If you do not mind the extra weight and need a good headset for your studio editing and monitoring, or just relaxing at home, then these headphones are sure to provide you with the high quality sound you are looking for.