stairlifts – Handicare 1000 2017

Handicare’s 1000 is a no-frills straight stairlift. Its compact and foldable design has a small footprint that makes it a good fit for homes with narrow stairs. This handicap stairlift has a regular seat and a perch option, as well as an outdoor model.

While the Sterling 1000 has a padded seat that is available in six colors, it is not the most comfortable stairlift seat, and its upholstery is rather plain. On the other hand, this stair elevator has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds and is strong enough to carry all but the heaviest users. You can upgrade to 440-pound capacity of the Sterling 1000XXL if you’d like. With a maximum incline angle of 56 degrees, this is one of the few stairway lifts suitable for homes with steep stairs.

To complement its compact carriage, Handicare offers a very slim aluminum track for the Sterling 1000. Since this track attaches to stairs rather than walls, installation is easy and there is no need for redecoration thereafter. The track also has a manual or powered hinge that folds to make more room at the base of the stairs. While the powered option is convenient, it does not last as long as the standard manual option.

Like most stairlifts, the Handicare 1000 has rechargeable 24-volt batteries that keep the carriage going during power outages. There are two charging stations at the top and bottom of the stairs. Compared to stair elevators with charge strips along their rails, it takes longer to charge the batteries in this stairlift.

The Handicare1000 may pack fewer features than some premium stairway lifts, but it has all the essential safety features required of a stairlift. Its seat has a retractable seat belt, a key switch to prevent unauthorized use and sensors that prevent the carriage from running into obstructions. There is also an easy-to-use toggle at the end of one arm for operating the carriage and two remote controls for sending the stairlift up or down the stairs.

Stairlift prices can get high, especially with installation, maintenance and repair fees included. However, the Handicare 1000 is one of the most affordable stairway elevators available and comes with two-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor.

While its plain design, spare features and lack of a model for curved stairs are obvious drawbacks, the simplicity, compact design and affordable cost are the major strengths of the Handicare 1000.