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With a large database of spelling words and the ability to add more, Spelling Made Simple is an effective piece of spelling software that can teach people of all ages. It provides a simple interface to navigate and audio recordings for every word in its database. If you want to add some of your own, the software has the technology to upload audio for any words you create. The features and effectiveness of the program coupled with the wide-ranging audience earn Spelling Made Simple our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Spelling Made Simple comes with spelling lessons for grades one through eight. For each grade, there are 36 lessons with words that match the difficulty of the intended age group. In all, the software has a database of 17,000 words and 288 spelling lists. Each spelling word comes with a definition and an audio recording that teaches you how to pronounce the word. If it does not have a recording, you can push on the audio recorder button and record the word yourself right in the software.; The ability to make audio recordings is not only helpful in pronunciation and spelling, but also in learning other subjects or foreign languages. Since you can customize the word lists, you can use the software to study more than just spelling. For example, by recording, ???What is nine multiplied by seven???? and having the correct word that goes with that be ???63,??? you can teach your children multiplication. This process would work with any subject.

All of the spelling words are added to a continuous test so you can be tested on all the words in the database. If you misspell words, the software will rotate those more frequently to help you master them. Each word has a link that will show you extra information about it, including alternate spellings, a sentence with the word in it, a definition, the etymology of the word and what part of speech it is.; While the spelling lessons are effective in teaching you or your child how to spell, the software only offers one type of lesson. It plays the audio of the word and asks you to spell it. This makes the program more appealing to adults than children, since some kids may lose interest or struggle with only one form of testing. Additionally, it has a very mature interface that is not designed to appeal to children.

Spelling Made Simple has different types of learning activities apart from the software. The desktop version interacts with iPod Touch devices, iPhones and iPads so that you can complete the spelling lessons on these mobile devices. You also can print off word lists in order to practice spelling by hand, however, there are no worksheets, activities or flashcards to supplement the software.; The website houses several additional lists. They include supplemental word lists for grades one through eight, National Spelling Bee word lists and categorized word lists of months, fruits, vegetables, presidents and more. If you have a child that is good at spelling and wants a competitive edge, these additional lists are an excellent resource.

Spelling Made Simple keeps track of all the spelling tests you have taken. You can see the statistics of any given test displayed in a percentage, on a graph or on a chart displaying how long it took you to take the test. The graphs are interactive. You can click on a point and it will scroll down the page to the data chart where you will see the score for that particular portion of the graph. You can delete the statistics for any lists or print off the reports to keep a hard copy.; The software allows multiple users to access it, and it will keep track of each user’s word lists and data. This is the best spelling software to use if you have more than one child in the home that needs help learning how to spell because it organizes their lessons and results separately.

The software offers help throughout the lessons. There is a help button on every screen that links you to video tutorials. The videos show you how to use the software to complete any given task. Additionally, there is a user guide available on the website, as well as tutorial videos and contact information for technical support. Spelling Made Simple includes a 50-day money-back guarantee.

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This spelling software offers a wide variety of spelling words for you to learn, as well as the option to add more. The audio recorder helps this endeavor and opens up the software so you can use it as more than just a helpful spelling tool, but as a learning tutor in almost any subject. Although the software???s interface is simple, and it doesn???t have tools specifically designed for young children, it provides the features you need to succeed at spelling.

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