spelling software – Spelling Force v2, 2017

Spelling Force v2 entertains with games and activities while teaching kids how to spell. Learners can study spelling lists in any of the seven different types of lessons or games. This is the best spelling software for children that struggle with standard teaching methods and thrive by learning through games. The software includes enough spelling in each of its activities that kids do learn, and that is why it has earned our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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The software???s word database includes over 9,000 words. There are already seven lists uploaded on the software that you can choose to insert into any of the seven different types of lessons. The lists range in difficulty, so that both young and older children can use the software. In fact, the words are targeted to learners age 5 to 15.; The lessons include a feature where you test yourself. The software plays audio recordings of your word list, and you type the answers. After you type each word, it shows you whether you spelled it correctly or not. The Look! Cover! Write! Check! activity shows you the spelling of a word and then has you type it. The software also has a feature where it keeps track of all the misspelled words, and you can test yourself on only those words.; Four of the seven lessons take the form of games, however, they incorporate your spelling words into every one of them. The X-Ray Emergency slowly unveils a word to you. The faster you type the word before it is completely revealed, the more points you receive. The Major Meltdown game has you underwater and moving the diving device to the correctly spelled word. The Mango Beamer asks you to blast all the letters of a word and then arrange them to the correct spelling. The Launchpad Panic has several different definitions listed. You drag the different letters of your spelling words into the area with the correct definition.

With so many types of games and activities, the software does not include very many additional learning activities. You can print off any of the spelling lists in Spelling Force v2. The website also has seven different types of printable worksheets you can use to help your children learn to spell.

Spelling Force keeps extensive records of each learner’s progress. After every game, lesson or test, the software reveals the scores and what words you need to work on. It also keeps track of all the words you have ever misspelled and puts them into a word list of their own where you can work on them until they are mastered. Spelling Force allows for multiple users and keeps track of their progress separately. This software is ideal if you have multiple children working on learning spelling.

Spelling Force offers technical support in several different ways. There is an email and phone number for technical support. The website also offers support with a FAQs section, troubleshooting tips and a user guide.

While Spelling Force v2 has a strong element of entertainment in its software, the games revolve around knowing how to spell correctly. Each activity and game requires mastering the words in order to continue. This software provides a fun way for kids to learn how to spell.

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