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The Speed Reader X online speed reading course has a very clearly labeled interface that is extremely simple to follow. The course consists of 10 progressive lessons. Each lesson is designed to build on the speed and skills from the previous sessions. This reading course focuses largely on phrasing and word grouping. As you increase the size of these groups and the speed of recognition you can greatly increase the overall reading speed. However, this course does not test your comprehension and knowledge retention. After each test you will see a graph that displays the progress of your reading speed.


This online speed reading course is always available from any computer that has an internet connection. This is a web-based service, which means there are no downloads and all your data and information is available through the Speed Reader X website. This web-based program is superior to other similar downloadable programs because you can access the web-based service from anywhere, on any computer. If you are a student who has computer access on campus and at home, this is a great option. Or maybe you have a computer at work and another at home. It is also a great way to conserve hard drive space.

The online speed reading course is divided into 10 different learning modules. While you do not have to follow the lessons in order, it is advisable because the programs build on the skills taught in other lessons. Following the lessons in order is also the best way to track your progress.

After you complete each lesson, you will take an online reading test. This test is very simple. Start the timer and read as fast as you can. This program does not focus on comprehension at all. After you are finished, you can see your words-per-minute reading score and compare it to all the other tests you???ve taken. However, this graph is not clearly labeled and does not offer any detailed information such as which test corresponds to each bar, when the test was taken, the difficulty of the test, etc.

The online speed reading course follows the same format for each of the 10 lessons. It tries to help you view the content you are reading as a bundle or package. The course helps make this bundle of words bigger and then focuses on speeding up the rate you can view these packages of words. This in turn helps increase the reading speed. However, each lesson uses the same techniques, and the course does not branch out from this approach. It can become redundant and difficult to follow.

Online speed courses are designed to save time. This is why the Speed Reader X application is so appealing. Every step of the accelerated reading course is clearly labeled and simple to see. We also thought the graph made it easy to track our reading speed progress; we just wanted to see more information.

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The managers of this online speed reading course manage an email address for customer support. When we sent in a couple of questions we received almost immediate responses. However, there is no telephone support with this service.

Speed Reader X is a fantastic way to speed up your reading. This online speed reading helps you track your progress as you make your way through their course. You???ll love how quick you can see results with this service.

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