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The Fastreaders online speed reading course has a large amount of tests and exercises. It will help propel you along the path as you speed up your reading. This online reading course does not make any impossible or exaggerated claims. You can expect to put in a lot of hard work to see any drastic results, but this online speed reading course will help you along your way. The application has a series of numbered exercises and corresponding tests. The Fastreaders speed reading program is one of the best in the world because of its large collection of progressive exercises and tests.


The Fastreaders course is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. The course is web-based, which makes it a perfect service for students or business professionals who use more than one computer. The online speed reading course is more appealing for those who want to have access the service from multiple computers. All your data and information can be accessed by simply logging into the Fastreaders program.

The online speed reading course is separated into 18 exercises and corresponding tests. These courses help you practice a variety of skills but focus on the following techniques

Each module increases the level of difficulty from the previous sessions. Each level speeds up the exercises, lengthens the phrases and adds more memory exercises. After each practice section you can take the corresponding exam.

Progress reports are gathered about each lesson and exam you complete. The progress is charted on a page and you can see the exam score and the date you completed each step along the way. The program does not require you to follow the predetermined lessons and exams. Although, it’s easier to measure your progress when you follow the scheduled progression.

The online speed reading course uses the same exercise format for all 18 lessons. While the difficulty increases, it is still redundant to perform the exact same exercise so many times. Likewise, each test is a simple timed reading test. The data reported is a simple word-per-minute rating. However, there are no comprehension ratings with this online speed reading course. You will have to judge your comprehension levels on your own.

Exercises and Tests

The specific exercise involves a few different steps. First, the software will flash an object around the screen and you???ll need to follow it with your eyes. Next, you???ll have to read an article as it flashes across the screen. The exercise will then transition to memory matching games where you will have to match people???s names with their pictures. The redundancy of these exercises performed repeatedly is what the developers of this program believe will help you increase your reading speed. However, it is difficult because you???ll have to maintain your focus as you work through the exercises. You can repeat any test or exercise you need.

The best speed reading programs are designed to save you time by increasing the rate at which you read. You???ll want to jump right in and begin the course.

The Fastreaders online speed reading program is simple to use. The main interface has all the different courses and paths clearly labeled. Each exercise is located to the matching test and everything follows a logical order. However, you don???t have to follow that order. You can jump into the course at a more advanced level if you already have a rudimentary understanding.

The exercises do not vary significantly from one section to the next with this online reading course. This made it difficult to pay attention and get the most out of the program. We would have liked to see a larger variety in tests and lessons to help the reader progress quicker.

The managers of this online speed reading course manage an email address for customer support. You can contact the support team with questions about whatever topic you might need, including pricing and use of the program. When we sent the team an email with several questions regarding the program, we received a response after a couple of business days. However, there is no telephone support option available with this application.

Fastreaders is an effective way to drastically improve the rate at which you read. This course makes, and delivers, realistic goals and results. The service walks through techniques and exams that can be applicable to students, business professionals and anyone else looking to increase their reading speed.

Ease of Use

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