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If your company has a global reach, then Sysomos social media monitoring software can help you keep a pulse on how people view your company, who the key influences are for your products and how well your campaigns are faring in particular areas. However, even if your business has a local focus, this easy-to-use and comprehensive package makes it an excellent choice. Its many features and dedicated customer service make Sysomos the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.


With the rise of social media platforms, it’s important to be able to monitor as many of them as possible in order to know where people are talking about your products. Sysomos monitors 25 different platforms, including the big players like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but also video sites and more. Further, it tracks news and blog sites. This software is as worldwide as the internet, understanding 186 languages, plus slang and intent.

That can amount to billions of posts, so filtering the noise is vital to give you something you can use. This social media monitoring software has a multiple-step filtering system to remove the spam: first, it maintains lists of known spam domains and hosts and filters out posts from those sources. Next, it identifies advertising, suspicious links and gibberish. Finally, it uses proven analysis tools to identify spam communities and artificial link-boosting activities.

The system allows for unlimited activity, but it does charge by seat. A basic Heartbeat account allows for 5 seats, or users, although you can pay to add more.

You need to know what people are saying, whether positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment analysis looks at words and context cues to judge emotion. Sysomos boasts an 86 percent accuracy in judging positive or negative sentiment. This is on the high end, as human understanding of sentiment averages between 73 and 85 percent, but the company has a third party test its accuracy. In addition to being able to identify sentiment, it can translate 55 of the 186 languages it monitors, so your English-speaking employees can understand what someone in Poland has posted without having to learn another language.

Sentiment, however, is just the tip of the social media data iceberg. Sysomos can identify key influencers ??? people who have a large following or a strong internet reputation. These are great people to target for campaigns or to see how a campaign is faring. It can also identify potential leads and people who may be ready to buy your products, including those who are dissatisfied with your competitor or who are looking for a product you sell.


The best social media software services offer historical data, so you can measure your current performance. With Sysomos Heartbeat, you can access up to two years of data. It also integrates with Google Analytics to give you additional traffic analysis of your sites.

This software does the usual demographics analysis. It can’t judge education level, however.

Every social media monitoring software we reviewed creates reports, but Sysomos is one of the few with drag-and-drop capability to let you fully customize reports with ease. You can export and send all reports as a PDF, Excel file, Word document or email alert.

Social media information is no longer just for public relations. Customer service, product development, even the help desk, can all benefit from what others are saying online. Sysomos allows you to route posts with particular keywords to different departments, so that if someone complains about a technical issue, your tech support can act upon it. It also integrates into customer relationship management software and has API-development ability so you can integrate Sysomos with your other company software.

Social media never sleeps and never takes a vacation. If you’re in the middle of a big campaign, you could have a spike of activity at any time. Even more, when customers complain via social media, they expect a quick response. Sysomos’ software sends you email alerts and has a mobile-responsive interface, so that whether you are at home or out for coffee, you can respond quickly.

Monitoring and analyzing social media is only half the battle of maintaining a strong reputation on the internet. Marketing is becoming more and more about growing relationships with customers online. This software lets you manage all your social media accounts in one area so that you can both schedule posts across your accounts and respond to individual posts. Along with the prioritization and routing of the back office, this software lets you program workflow so that certain employees or departments can take responsibility for specific campaigns.

Back Office & Reports

With the exceptions of live chat support and forums, this company has all the help tools you need. In addition to email and telephone support, you get a dedicated account manager who not only gives you one-on-one training on the software but can help you throughout your time as a client. This person also checks up and can advise you on creating or tweaking campaigns.

There is no specialized training in social media use aside from what you might receive from your account manager. Some social media software companies offer classes or webinars. However, Sysomos does have case studies and white papers on social media issues and campaigns, plus an active blog.

Social Engagement

Sysomos is a potent social media monitoring service with powerful tools. The ability to understand 186 languages and slang makes it the best choice for international businesses that need social media monitoring, analysis and response. However, its years of historical data and excellent administrative features make it an excellent choice for businesses who want to get a clearer picture of social media.

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