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Oracle is a large company with social media monitoring and engagement packages priced for medium businesses who are looking for a better way to get their finger on the pulse of the internet. Its Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud program provides comprehensive listening and analysis, plus a full range of back office and social engagement features. Combined with a full suite of support options that include professional forums, this service has earned our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.


Oracle Social Media Engagement and Monitoring Cloud listens to over 40 million sites a day in 31 languages across the globe. These include blogs and news sites as well as social media networks, video and image sites. It can also access the Twitter Firehose, giving you any information gathered by this huge social network. It allows for unlimited users, but you do have limits on the amount of data you can receive, depending on your plan.

It combines Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its own proprietary algorithms to augment your keywords when picking out slang. As a result, it can catch posts that apply to your searches that other software might pass over. Like all the best social media monitoring software, it also filters out spam, so you get the messages that are important to you.

This software has excellent analytical tools. It can translate 18 of the 31 languages it monitors. It can read cues for profession and education as well as identify the usual demographics other social analytic tools do. It integrates with several third-party analytic tools, including Google Analytics.

Sentiment analysis is, of course, of primary importance to businesses, not only to check reputation across popular opinion but to spot trends, do market research or highlight customer service issues that need immediate attention. According to Oracle, LSA has an accuracy of up to 94 percent in judging the emotion behind a statement, while NLP has a 64 percent accuracy. Combined with its own algorithms, it claims a conservative 70 to 80 percent accuracy based on in-house testing.

It maintains all your data in an archive for you so you can do trend and time-comparison analytics. It keeps this archive as long as you are a client.


Integration drives Oracle’s mission. It has pre-built connectivity with all its own customer service products, including marketing, service and commerce. If you are looking for one-stop-software, it’s worth considering. It also has application interface programming to integrate Social Cloud data to outside web analytics software. The reports export to other software, but do not print to a PDF.

It will email you if there is a spike in activity, and you can set rules for prioritizing posts you see in your stream or for forwarding certain posts to other departments. This makes it easier to work on issues as individuals and as a team.

Oracle Social has a full social engagement arm. The software is mobile responsive, a great feature if you need to work outside the office or if you are notified of a sudden spike of activity and need to deal with it immediately. You can not only post individual replies from the software, but also schedule posts across one or all of your social media platforms. You can assign and collaborate with others to respond to people who have posted complaints, kudos or items of interest.

You can even repost from the software. This service allows posting on LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter. You can translate posts into one of 18 other languages, including character-based languages like Chinese.

Oracle gets full marks for its help and support. The dedicated account manager is matched to your business to give you personalized service. For an extra charge, you can also get expert consultation on your campaigns.

The website has a great deal of information, such as FAQs, white papers, a blog and specialized training. Topics and training aren’t limited to the software or social media monitoring. There are forum communities for users in different areas of expertise, developers who use the software and community leaders. The live chat focuses primarily on sales. We used the chat several times with mixed results on getting our questions answered. Some operators were eager to help, even providing links with more information, while some would not discuss the product but wanted our company information.

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Oracle offers a multitude of social media management and commerce solutions, including Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud. As a result, you can find not only excellent monitoring and analysis tools, but also a strong social engagement arm and integration with other features, both within the Oracle suite and outside it. It has some small drawbacks, like the inability to print to PDF, but otherwise, this is outstanding software worth considering if you are ready to include social media in your marketing plan.

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