social media marketing services – Ignite, 2017

Ignite Social Media prides itself on having social media campaigns and notions that work, and proof to back it up. The case studies available on its website make it possible to see the benefits of working with this social media marketing company. One of the better attributes of its site is the active blog that it frequently updates, staying active in letting you know what is happening on the internet. The extensive research and analysis to ensure your campaign is working gives Ignite a competitive edge and the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for social media marketing services.

Profile Creation & Management

Ignite markets your business across all platforms of social media. Distribution and strategy is key for Ignite, as is targeting certain regions for your brand. As part of the research stage, ignite Social Media helps you identify your target audience and conduct SEO research to ensure you have the best keywords to use in your promotional content.

This social media branding service helps raise awareness about any product you want to give to your public, but it focuses on qualified traffic, making sure that you’re drawing the best demographic to your brand. Ignite also generates backlinks to your site and improves search engine results.

While Ignite doesn’t create your social media profiles for you, it can help create and manage the content that is promoted. This is one of the few social media marketing companies that helps you write content and produce video.

Ignite monitors the channels you are posting on; manages your social identity; and analyzes what is happening, where traffic is coming from and what people are saying about your business. The campaign analytics Ignite provides are vast and filled with details. Your reports cover channel analytics and monitor the social mentions on your profiles. Should you want to create customer forums, Ignite can follow and report on those, too.

As part of the reporting process, this social media company also suggests ways to better promote your business if any of the reports show an opportunity gap. It also provides an ROI report so you can see how effective your campaign is compared to your investment into Ignite’s services.

Performance Monitoring & Reports

You have your own dedicated account manager who can give you updates on the campaign ??? usually weekly. Ignite doesn’t train you or your employees on social media marketing, but if there’s anything you want to know, you can call or email for a consultation. You can also consult the online blog for insights and news beyond the standard information you find on the site.

Ignite Social Media has helped companies accomplish their social media goals for quite some time. The services are expensive, and you and your team don’t receive training, but you can get frequent updates, see what is driving or stopping traffic, and evaluate whether your social media marketing campaigns are meeting your revenue goals.

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