social media customer service – Service Cloud, 2017

Service Cloud is a cloud-based CRM platform from Salesforce. This social media CRM is available in two editions: Enterprise and Unlimited.

While Salesforce offers as the customer support platform for small businesses, midsize and large businesses need the scale and advanced features of Service Cloud. Therefore, both plans of Service Cloud are priced higher than those of However, you can try the service for free for a limited period before signing the annual contract required to use the platform.

Service Cloud provides the tools to run cost-effective customer support on social media. To meet this goal, Service Cloud provides your customer care staff a central console that aggregates all of your customers’ information in one place. The cloud-based console also hosts a central knowledgebase that your staff and customers can contribute to. This creates an ever-expanding pool of information that you can access anywhere and from any device.

With Service Cloud, you can also take your social media customer service strategy further by solving customers’ issues in real time with on-screen guided assistance, screen sharing, and embedded video and audio communications with customer care agents. All of these customer support features can also be provisioned on your company’s and Salesforce’s mobile apps.

The social aspect of Service Cloud extends beyond its knowledge pool and the communities it helps build. It can also deliver service to customers on multiple social media channels. Therefore, you can hear from and respond to customers on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. If your company has a dedicated social service team, integrating Service Cloud with Salesforce Social Studio directs all communications started on social networks to that team.

Thanks to the central console, your social media customer service team has all the information it needs about customers seeking help via social networks even before they respond. In addition, Service Cloud’s smart social engine combs your company’s social accounts with keywords, classifiers and language detection algorithms to direct social cases to the right customer care officer.

This is a scalable CRM platform with a wealth of features. However, it is not primarily a social CRM service. Social CRM is just one of its many features. Its social customer service platform is a separate downloadable application that is not included with the platform by default. Also, you have to pay additional fees for features that are essential to social CRM, like web chat, a knowledgebase and communities.

Service Cloud is a full-featured and scalable CRM platform. However, to use it for social media customer support, you have to pay extra and download the right apps from Salesforce’s AppExchange store.