snow cone machines – Waring Pro 2017

The Waring Pro Professional Snow Cone Maker features a metal ice spout with a convenient press. The ice shredder works quickly, and you can use the device to make up to five snow cones in less than a minute. This countertop snow cone maker adequately serves small groups in many situations.

The Waring Pro comes with a few standard features to ensure it works as quickly as possible. The internal motor sits at the top of the snow cone maker’s main housing, just below the ice chute. This setup allows the shaved ice to fall into a container shelf for collection. The shelf measures about 131/2 inches square and just over 7 inches high. You can remove this storage shelf from the snow cone machine to serve scoops on the go, or you can leave it in the device and have everyone serve themselves.

The device comes with folding trays attached to the sides of the main body. These trays have circular holes to hold cones in place, so you can keep your hands free as you scoop ice from the snow cone machine. They also work as displays for premade snow cones. This can help with commercial usage, promoting the product to potential buyers even as you run the snow machine. The device uses a red and white design, and it could pair well with similar retro appliances.

The Waring Pro also comes with four BPA-free plastic cones. You can reuse these cups anytime you use the snow cone machine to help reduce waste. This unit does not come with a cone dispenser, nor does it come with any optional cart accessories. The Waring Pro Snow Cone Maker also doesn’t come with signs or extra lighting either, so it may not make an adequate choice for high-volume commercial usage.

While this mid-range device does not carry industrial features, it does simplify the filling process. This snow cone maker comes with an ice press and chute at the top of the device that pushes cubes down into the grinder. The lever-action press keeps the ice moving, so you can create cold treats even faster.