small business cdn – MaxCDN 2017

MaxCDN is a simple, mostly static file-serving content delivery network. Its servers are largely concentrated in the United States. The testing data shows this CDN to be capable of excellent response times. That, coupled with how easy the company makes it for a small business to dip its toes in the water of website accelerators, earns it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


After multiple tests on multiple days using Cedexis, an independent tester of cloud products, we found MaxCDN’s average response time to be faster than any other content delivery network we reviewed. In some cases, the difference was mere microseconds, but being in the top tier for speed optimization counts for a lot. MaxCDN also received the best average error rate out of the bunch.

With only 12 global points of presence (POP), MaxCDN is small compared to many of its competitors. But it pays to do a little homework about your area: The best speeds will often come from a network that has a node close to your ISP, as well as ones closest to the geographic areas most important to you. Almost all of the company’s POPs are in the United States, with a few in Europe and Asia. If your audience is largely in the U.S., chances are you won’t be disappointed.

MaxCDN offers real-time reporting and a user-friendly control panel. It also supports a wide variety of API commands, making the service highly customizable.

For blogs and small businesses that don’t sport a large IT department, simplicity is a key priority. This is one of MaxCDN’s strengths. Instant activation is available straight from the website, without the need for tricky contract negotiation. It’s a pay-as-you-go company, so no long-term commitment is necessary. One of the service’s main selling points to entry-level CDN users is its introductory plan with a low price the first terabyte of traffic. It can be stretched over an entire year, if your data usage doesn’t overtake that amount. This starter offer includes limited API access (Purge only), and if you crave that beacon of safety ??? the secure “https” in your readers’ browser window ??? you’ll have to pick a bigger plan: The starter package doesn’t come with MaxCDN’s shared secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, so the encryption necessary to, say, accept credit card payments is missing. Should your data needs outstrip the pricing plans on MaxCDN’s website, custom contracts are also negotiable.

While this wasn’t one of our comparison criteria, MaxCDN offers PayPal as a payment method, giving it even more simplicity.

Setup & Compatibility

Unlike some CDNs, there is no extra cost per page request; the data charge covers everything. Such a low initial investment makes it easy to try out the service and see if it suits your needs. And if you find that this service doesn’t suit your needs as well as expected, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MaxCDN is best for basic static content acceleration, but it has a few added perks. One is that it is compatible with other CDNs and CDN-like services. It is popular with WordPress bloggers, for instance, because it has streamline compatibility with that site’s W3 Total Cache and SuperCache plugins.

A set amount of storage is available with each data plan. Extra storage may be purchased as well. And if your webpage streams video on demand, you can purchase a VODZone (Video-on-Demand Zone) to upload video so it can be ready for your viewers at the push of a button.

MaxCDN has no proactive security measures. However, it does offer a shared SSL certificate with all but its smallest, starter plan. Also, for an extra setup cost, you may instead purchase and provide your own SSL certificate.

MaxCDN offers free 24/7/365 client support via phone and email. Its website sports a straightforward FAQs page. It is also worth noting again that the service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if an issue can’t be resolved, you are no worse off than when you started.

For its simplicity of use for beginners to the CDN world, as well as its affordable, predictable pricing, MaxCDN is an excellent choice for bloggers and small businesses looking to have a speedier, more scalable web presence.


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