sleep trackers – RBX, 2017

The RBX Drive is a fitness tracker with an OLED screen, a sleep-tracking function and a three-axis accelerometer. While sensitive enough to differentiate between light and heavy sleep, the accelerometer means that the sleep data does not cover REM sleep.

A three-axis accelerometer tracks movement to log data on steps taken, sleep, distance traveled and calories burned. Without a heart rate monitor, some of this data is estimated based on your user profile, including height, gender and weight.

The built-in OLED screen allows you to see data on calories, steps taken or distance traveled, and updates on fitness goals and reports. It offers motivation as you are working out or walking with constant updates so that you can see how you are doing.

While the RBX only works with the RBX Drive App, the app offers individual workout tracking so that you can keep up with a single activity session. It also offers hourly reports of movement so that you can track your activity levels throughout the day. The estimated calorie count lets you compare your average calories burned day by day and week by week so that you can track calories with your fitness goals.

The sleep-tracking function uses the accelerometer to create estimates on deep and light sleep based on your level of movement. It displays data in a chart with time including light sleep, deep sleep and the amount of times you woke up at night. The app is sensitive enough to let you know when you fell asleep, which means that you won’t have to turn on a sleep function or guess your sleep time. This basic data is useful if you want to use sleep tracking to see your average sleep time. This is good for ensuring that you’re getting enough rest, but it’s not good for anything else.

The included app allows you access to fitness- and sleep-tracking data using hourly, daily and weekly logs. You can also share your workouts and results via social media after syncing the information to your phone. With an accelerometer, OLED screen and fitness-tracking app, the RBX makes a good fitness tracker. While less useful for sleep tracking, it still provides the basic data you need to see how long you are sleeping each night, making it a good option if you are concerned about your general health rather than just getting a good night’s sleep.