sleep trackers – Misfit, 2017

The Misfit Shine Activity Monitor uses a three-axis accelerometer to track motion to create a fitness and sleep profile. Because it only uses an accelerometer, sleep and calories burned are estimates rather than exact data. It is not a dedicated sleep-tracking device but still provides enough data for most needs.

With a unique, versatile design, the Misfit Shine fits well into almost any lifestyle. Rather than featuring a watch or wristband, the Misfit Shine is a round device that fits into a number of pendants, watches and garments, including pockets. Because it only features an accelerometer, placement does not normally affect its accuracy, which allows you to put the sleep-tracking device out of sight when going to work or out in public.

The fitness-tracking function provides data on steps taken, distance traveled and estimated calories burned, which allows you to keep up with your fitness. The Misfit Shine is waterproof up to 50 meters, allowing you to take it swimming, kayaking or rowing. While capable of counting activity for these exercises, it does not count the number of strokes like a dedicated swimming tracker.

You can use the free app to check your data over time, set goals and check activity level for the day. With friends, you can set challenges, compare yourself to others and compare daily activity for motivation. The food-monitoring function allows you to keep a photo journal of everything you eat.

At night, the sleep-tracking device fits into a pair of socks, a wristband or a necklace for convenience. It uses the accelerometer to monitor your movements in order to estimate sleep and deep sleep and to check when you wake up and how long you sleep. Because it does not monitor body vitals, it only estimates this information based on movement.

A single coin battery powers the sleep-tracking device for up to six months, negating the need to recharge a battery pack. However, you will have to purchase and replace batteries every few months and may have to do without your sleep tracker if you forget.

The Misfit Shine provides a stylish, versatile alternative to watch sleep trackers, but with only an accelerometer, it is primarily a fitness device. If you need the device to provide an in-depth analysis of your sleeping schedule including REM sleep, the Misfit Shine is not the best sleep tracker for your needs. However, if you want a basic overview of how many hours you’ve slept, it works well for the purpose.