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one of the best in the world, Sheet Music Direct, is the online sheet music store to visit if you are looking to hold a piece of music in your hands today. By simply selecting a piece of music and purchasing it, you can then print it from the convenience of your home computer- no shipping or waiting required! Owned by a British and an American company, Music Sales and Hal Leonard, Sheet Music Direct has been setup to offer quick and easy music selection to a world-wide market. In fact, on the main page, you are initially requested to select your current location so they can better serve you.

Inventory Selection

On Sheet Music Direct???s website, unlike many other online sheet music stores, you don???t have to wait for the music to come in the mail. You can print the music out on your home computer. Their style selection ranges from Pop to Reggae to Gospel to Disney and everything in between. Each piece of music is available to print for $3.99 or you can purchase entire digital folios (up to five songs) for $9.99. Prices do vary, but all versions whether orchestral ensembles or piano solos are pretty reasonably priced. Last we checked there were 214 pages of orchestral arrangements just waiting to be printed and played. If you can???t find what you are looking for on Sheet Music Direct???s website or you want to purchase a physical music book, you can always visit their mail order site, Music Dispatch, which we have also reviewed.

As a side note, an important thing to realize is that when purchasing something from Sheet Music Direct you don???t get the rights to save the sheet music file to your computer and as a copyrighted piece, you also don???t have the ability to redistribute or alter it in any way.

Sheet Music Direct has a stunning website with enough features to keep you browsing around all day

Typically when a store has a large selection, it is hard to narrow down the product to find what you really want. Sheet Music Direct has done a good job breaking that stereotype. All of their products are well categorized. You can browse by style, features, artist and format simply by selecting any of those categories on the left hand side of the homepage. If by chance, you still can???t find what you are seeking, they have a simple search or an advanced search at the top of the page.

Because you are printing the purchased music off your home printer, there are many things you may need help with. Luckily, Sheet Music Direct has sorted all of the problems you may have printing into a specific section on their website. Most of the time the problem is with your printer and instead of just passing you onto the printer???s tech support, they offer direct help links for popular printers. If anything else goes wrong, they also have a FAQs section, an online contact form and a support email address. They even have a physical address if you chose to send questions via snail mail.

Website Features

Sheet Music Direct also has a drop down list on the right hand side of the page that directs you to any other inquires you may have. They walk you through purchasing a piece of music on their website, list their stellar guarantees and even give a lot of help on downloading Scorch to your computer.

We???d say the only downside to purchasing music on Sheet Music Direct???s site is downloading Scorch. The process can be quite tedious. Downloading, installing, restarting our computer and getting back to website took us about 15 minutes. However, once Scorch is working, previewing, transposing and printing the music is pretty simple. The fantastic selection and ease of use far outweighs the initial time spent with Scorch. So if you are looking to hold Journey???s Don’t Stop Believin’ in your hands today, Sheet Music Direct should be on your list of top online sheet music stores.

Ease of Use

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