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Sheet Music Digital is exactly what its name implies and with almost 200,000 pieces of online sheet music, you can’t download those songs fast enough! After wading through all of that content on Sheet Music Digital, you are sure to find that perfect score.

Inventory Selection

Sheet Music Digital has a huge selection and the organization of it all is one of the problems with the site. They have links for public domain sheet music, one for licensed digital sheet music, one for PDF files, one for lessons & resources sheet music and more. There is so much inventory it is overwhelming. However, if you have time to browse through each section, you will most likely come away with a new sheet music library. Like other online sheet music stores, Sheet Music Digital does have a membership fee. $29.95 gets you a “Lifetime Platinum Membership” which gives you access to all of their public domain music and gives you a discount on all other music.

As mentioned previously, the website has a ton of content and as such it’s not very user friendly. That being said, the site does have many redeeming qualities

Once you sort through all of the content on Sheet Music Digital’s website and purchase a membership, downloading the music is easy enough. Also, if you ever have any problems, the owner of the site is known for his great customer service.

Customer service is key to Sheet Music Digital and they have a testimonial page filled with customer compliments to prove it. If you do need to reach someone for help, they have a direct phone number for questions or an online email form they will respond to within 24 hours.

Sheet Music Digital is brimming with downloadable sheet music. You don’t have to purchase a membership to buy a piece of music, but if you are going to buy more than eight pieces, a membership just may save you money. Consequently, if you are looking for an online music store that offers free sheet music, visit our other online sheet music stores reviews.

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