sheet music – Musicnotes, one of the best in the world, is not just another online sheet music store with a wide variety of songs that you can print from your home computer. Unlike competitors, you can print songs or purchase them to be shipped to you all in one location.

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When searching through the inventory, they have separated the content into digital downloads and Music Books & More to distinguish which products you receive through the mail and which products you can print online. Also, Musicnotes has a special icon next to specific music that they call ???Musicnotes Edition??? which means that specific printable sheet music, includes ???rights to perform, record and print multiple copies.??? This definitely separates Musicnotes from its competitors. Most online sheet music stores specifically tell you that purchasing and printing the music doesn???t give you the right to make additional copies. Not all of Musicnotes??? digital music has this tag, so make sure you look out for the difference when browsing through titles.

As mentioned previously, Musicnotes has digital music as well as music books. This means that their selection is even larger than other online sheet music stores. From easy guitar books to SATB choral arrangements to trumpet duets, they have it all. Some of the pieces are even free. Musicnotes has a section on their website with music you can print at no cost to you. This page has a new free piece of music each month. They also have complimentary printable manuscript paper in a ton of different formats like ???manuscript paper for organ??? or ???manuscript paper for sextet.???

Musicnotes has made their complicated, packed-to-the-brim website easy to navigate and a definite resource for any music player. Besides their wide variety of music we have tried to enumerate some of the standout features located on their site

Similar to other websites, Musicnotes uses Scorch, an online transposing software for printable music. However, Scorch isn???t the only program they use. They have their own software attached to most of the songs which you are also required to download to view, called Musicnotes Suite. Both the Musicnotes viewer and Scorch allow you to transpose the music into any key you would like as well as allow you to listen to said music. The only downside to both of these programs is the 15 minute one-time (or more depending on how computer savvy you are) installation process.

However, once you get past the plugin installations, it should be smooth sailing. Musicnotes has conveniently divided their selection into popular categories like piano, guitar, voice, etc., that are located on the top navigation bar on any page. From here, these categories are separated down into ever more concise areas. If you still can???t find what you are looking for, there is a simple search bar at the very top of each page that is pretty comprehensive. We searched for ???oboe classical duets??? and came up with a few digital downloads and a selection of music books.

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Musicnotes is continually surveying their customers to make sure they are provided the best service available. It appears from their FAQs that their excellent customer service has been earned. More than 100 questions are pre-answered for the inquiring musician like ???Why don’t I get the option to save a file when I purchase digital sheet music in Scorch format???? or ???Which headset microphones do you recommend for use with Guitar Guru???? or ???What is your return policy???? If your questions are still not answered, you can submit a unique question via a toll-free number or by email.

What can we say besides Musicnotes should be at the top of every musician???s list as a top notch online sheet music store? They have method books for the beginner, concertos for the expert and everything in between. They have Taylor Swift???s latest hit, Mozart???s defining pieces and Christmas tunes sure to bring a tear to your eye. They have it all. Whether you want a piece of music today, right now or are willing to wait for a bassoon duet book delivered to you, is your go-to site.

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