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FreeHand Music is an online sheet music store that can be applauded for bringing innovation into a pretty new market. They have perfected digital sheet music and have created a digital music tablet to store all of your downloaded songs.

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FreeHand Music has a selection of music very similar to its competitors. If you want a piece of classical music or the latest Black Eyed Peas single, they have it. What sets them apart from the pack is their specialty products that make digital sheet music even easier to use. is a well thought out online sheet music store. They have made the home page enticing and simple to use. All of the pieces are categorized via tabs at the top of the page, making it easy to find what you are looking for. Another great feature is how the site, the site automatically recognizes when you are signed in and whether or not you have printed the music you have purchased last. If not, it tells you so and directs you to a link to download and print again.

The hardest thing about using FreeHand Music is the steps you have to go through to install the music viewer. When you purchase a piece of music you can???t just print the music, first you have to download FreeHand Music???s viewer tool. We tried to purchase and install all in one step which wasn???t ideal. In fact FreeHand Music has a help page entitled ???New Users Start Here??? and they recommend to download the Solero Music Viewer first. This is a Scorch-like plugin that allows you to download, hear and transpose the music.

Following instructions can prevent a lot of headache, so make sure you follow these steps before checking out on FreeHand Music???s website. Once you get past the music viewer installation, downloading and printing music is painless. Along with a printable copy of the music, you also receive the ability to transpose the music and a MIDI recording with tempo adjustment.

FreeHand Music has an entire support section on their website linked from the homepage to answer any questions you may have. If you get hung up on downloading the music viewer, they have all of the troubleshooting steps you need. They also have an online forum where FreeHand Music administrators and other users answer questions or concerns.

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FreeHand Music is another great stop on your road to finding sheet music online. If your journey doesn???t lead you to what you are looking for, be sure to stop by our other reviewed online sheet music stores.

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