search engine marketing – Search Manager

Search Manager represents a collaboration between American Express and Clickable. The concept of this website is to create an easy way for small business owners to manage several different PPC campaigns simultaneously. Search Manager doesn’t offer nearly as many services as most of the sites on our lineup, but for clients who just want PPC management for their search engine marketing, and not SEO or copywriting, Search Manager offers a clean, simple solution.


Search Manager offers three different levels of PPC management services. The lowest tier is a very simple search engine marketing tool through which a business owner can create and track the progress of PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Search Alliance and Facebook. Search Alliance is a new search engine platform created through a partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo. The next two levels of PPC management offer increasing amounts of assistance for business owners, including an optional dedicated search assistant who will help you decide where to run your campaigns and then help you keep them up to date as time goes by.

Over time as you conduct your PPC campaigns, you might find that certain keywords bring more conversions than others. Search Manager will help you analyze that data quickly and allow you to change your keyword choices instantly as your search engine marketing plan evolves.

Search Manager is only designed to help with PPC campaigns, so it is not a good choice for companies that still need a website or need to have their website optimized. Even if your website is not optimized for a particular term, you can still run a PPC campaign for that term; but the only way to get your website to show up naturally (without paying for each click) is to optimize it for the search terms for which you want to compete. The disadvantage to using PPC campaigns instead of search engine optimization for your entire search engine marketing plan is that more and more web surfers know that companies pay for the top few results, and consumers are generally very skeptical towards advertising.

Search Manager has been in business since 2007, making it one of the newest companies on our lineup. As the company only handles PPC, it does not hold any certifications for SEO expertise. The website does not have any testimonials and it is very difficult to find information about the company itself.

The website for Search Manager contains a lot of information about how the search engine marketing program works, including a demonstration video and an item-by-item description of each part of the software. There are no educational articles about the industry on the website. However, you can find a set of related articles and customer resources on Clickable’s main website.

Search Manager gives new and existing customers many ways to get customer support. The website gives phone numbers, a secure email contact form and a live chat feature. As mentioned above, the website itself also contains detailed instructions for clients who are using this tool for PPC management.

Search Manager is in a slightly different category than the other companies on our lineup that provide more comprehensive search engine marketing services, including SEO. This service is only for creating, editing and managing PPC campaigns. By offering a place for business owners to compare the results of all their campaigns at once, Search Manager makes it easier to figure out which campaigns are bringing the best results. In the end, this means wasting less money on keywords and search engine placements that don’t work for your business.