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ArteWorks is a Texas-based search engine marketing company specializing in the entire gamut of website services. The company attempts to distinguish itself from the competition by offering more customized marketing plans than other SEO firms. The ArteWorks website is very text-heavy yet it doesn’t explain any details about how the company achieves client goals. According to the website, the entire company consists of only three people, but according to the testimonials that just means more personal service.

Comprehensiveness of Services

ArteWorks offers a wide range of SEM services, starting with a website review and audience analysis to determine what keywords are most likely to help you reach customers. The company can then rewrite your website text to optimize it for the right keywords. Once your website is optimized, the company will put together a full proposal for a search engine marketing strategy. This may include nuts-and-bolts approaches like improving the programming behind your website. From there, the company will work with you to advertise your optimized website through PPC campaigns, social networking, link building and creating ongoing content for your website that keeps it current. ArteWorks makes extensive use of videos in its marketing efforts, using a proprietary program developed directly by the company. The website contains examples of SEO videos.

ArteWorks serves national and international web companies, but its services are not really designed for small businesses who want to reach out to a local audience through local search results and press releases.

ArteWorks is one of only a few companies on our lineup that has been in business for more than 10 years. The page for case studies on the website doesn’t actually contain case studies, but rather a set of logos of companies that ArteWorks has helped with their search engine marketing plans. The testimonials all mention the ArteWorks owner by name, so we assume that he works directly with clients.

ArteWorks has an SEO blog that only goes back a few months, even though the company has been around for several years. Most topics are related to specific aspects of the SEM industry, but there are a few oddball entries. For example, one blog post is just a long attack against another specialist in the industry. The blog calls this person petty for her practices, but it could be argued that writing a blog entry criticizing a competitor is petty as well. ArteWorks also lost points because some of the blog entries are written in overly complicated language. We think the best use of this blog would be to elaborate on search engine marketing techniques that are vaguely mentioned on the website.

ArteWorks provides customer support by phone or email and the website contains the answers to some questions. As with other search engine marketing firms, when you work with ArteWorks expect to be in regular contact with someone until your SEM plan is in full swing. The company will recommend several approaches at the beginning, over time shifting the focus to whatever approaches are most successful.


ArteWorks SEO provides a wide range of services to help clients increase web traffic, with an emphasis on videos and e-commerce optimization. Whether you need to establish, improve or maintain your web presence, ArteWorks can offer you a set of custom solutions based on your industry. If you are looking for help handling your own SEM solutions, this firm can provide you with guidance and tools to be more successful.

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