video game recorder software – WM Capture 2017

WM Capture is best known as an application that captures television shows and movies. What most people do not realize is that WM Capture also has the right tools to record quality in-game video footage. WM Capture has most of the features that we look for in the best game recording software; however, it doesn’t allow you to record video at custom resolutions, and the lack of hotkeys is baffling.


One of the most powerful features of WM Capture is its ability to capture streaming video. Combine that with real-time audio and video recording, and this software lets you capture just about everything you can put on your monitor. Another nice aspect is that, if you just want a quick recording, the software gives you a small window with recording and playback controls, as well as allowing you to view recently recorded files.

WM Capture affects in-game performance more than most of the video game capture software we tested. While recording 1080p video, we noted a decrease of 12 percent in performance. For 720p video, the performance decrease was 11 percent. While these are not large numbers, they’re considerably higher than those of the best game capture applications, which affect in-game performance by as little as 4 percent. Check out our testing methodology to learn how we got our numbers.

If you want to include audio with your video, you can add a voiceover via microphone. Unfortunately, WM Capture frequently has a hard time balancing the incoming audio from the microphone with a game’s SFX, often resulting in the SFX drowning out any voice recording.

In the lower right-hand corner of the application, there is a button with a question mark on it. This button directs you to the online user guide. This guide contains detailed information about the software and is a good place to start if you run into issues with the game recording software. It’s easy to find the information you need in the guide, thanks to its easy navigation.

If the user guide doesn’t have the answers you need, you can look to the user forums for even more help. There is a good chance that searching the forum may show you that someone else has encountered similar problems and how they resolved them. Many video game recording software support sites don’t have user forums, which is unfortunate, as they are an excellent help resource.

WM Capture is good game recording software and does just about everything well. It isn’t difficult to record in-game footage, and the user interface is clean and easy to use. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to customize your hotkeys, and it often has problems balancing audio. Ultimately, this software doesn’t give you as much functionality as the higher-ranked products on our lineup.

vhs to dvd – Manhattan Video Grabber, 2017

There’s a good chance you have stacks of VHS and camcorder tapes full of birthdays, weddings and recitals just waiting to be watched. Unfortunately, analog tapes lose their quality and deteriorate over time, and you risk losing those precious memories. You can preserve your captured life events and recorded shows with VHS to DVD software. The Manhattan Video Grabber is a capable video to DVD device that comes packaged with the user-friendly Honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 software.


VHS to DVD 3.0 guides you systematically through the video conversion process, and after capturing your video, you can edit out unwanted footage and add extras like transitions, text and effects to the video. With this software, you can even add customized menus to your DVD. Honestech VHS to DVD software is one of the top VHS to DVD software available. Version 3.0 is easy to use, and is a good choice for beginners and people who don’t want to delve too deep into the video editing process.

The Manhattan Video Grabber comes with the standard yellow/red/white RCA composite connectors, as well as an S-Video connection. The capture device plugs into any open USB 2.0 port and does not require an external power source to operate.

You should be able to capture video from any device with AV ports, as this capture device has standard RCA connections. This means you can convert your VHS tapes, camcorder Hi-8, VHS-C tapes and any other content from an analog A/V source like a DVR or game console. The capture device also includes an extra RCA cord, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one.

While the VHS to DVD 3.0 software itself is easy to install, installing the device can be tricky. Unlike other VHS to DVD software capture devices, you may have problems trying to get your computer to recognize the device at first, especially if you plug in the device before the drivers are installed. We recommend having the user manual handy before you start installing and encourage you to follow all of the instructions meticulously for the best results.

Once you complete the device installation, the process of converting VHS to DVD isn’t hard at all, and the software performs flawlessly. The Manhattan Video Grabber’s capture device has a little button on it that allows you to precisely control when the capture begins and ends. You can also use snapshots taken from the video in your DVD menus for a little extra fun. When the video is complete, you can choose to save it in formats compatible with uploading to Facebook, YouTube or any of your favorite mobile devices such as MP4.

This software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, but doesn’t support Mac operating systems.

Fortunately, Manhattan has a few different support methods you can use to try to solve any issues. An in-depth user manual with several images shows you exactly what you should be seeing during the installation process. The manual does a good job in compensating for the complicated installation process. Manhattan’s website also has a knowledgebase area with a FAQs section. Unfortunately, Manhattan does not offer a direct contact phone number, but a technical support form is available on their website if you need personalized assistance.

Overall, we are impressed with the user-friendliness of the included Honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 software and the screenshot capture options. However, the difficult installation process of the capture device is a real drawback, so if you are not patient enough to take the time to install this device, then you may want to try a different VHS to DVD converter.

sheet music – Musicnotes, one of the best in the world, is not just another online sheet music store with a wide variety of songs that you can print from your home computer. Unlike competitors, you can print songs or purchase them to be shipped to you all in one location.

Inventory Selection

When searching through the inventory, they have separated the content into digital downloads and Music Books & More to distinguish which products you receive through the mail and which products you can print online. Also, Musicnotes has a special icon next to specific music that they call ???Musicnotes Edition??? which means that specific printable sheet music, includes ???rights to perform, record and print multiple copies.??? This definitely separates Musicnotes from its competitors. Most online sheet music stores specifically tell you that purchasing and printing the music doesn???t give you the right to make additional copies. Not all of Musicnotes??? digital music has this tag, so make sure you look out for the difference when browsing through titles.

As mentioned previously, Musicnotes has digital music as well as music books. This means that their selection is even larger than other online sheet music stores. From easy guitar books to SATB choral arrangements to trumpet duets, they have it all. Some of the pieces are even free. Musicnotes has a section on their website with music you can print at no cost to you. This page has a new free piece of music each month. They also have complimentary printable manuscript paper in a ton of different formats like ???manuscript paper for organ??? or ???manuscript paper for sextet.???

Musicnotes has made their complicated, packed-to-the-brim website easy to navigate and a definite resource for any music player. Besides their wide variety of music we have tried to enumerate some of the standout features located on their site

Similar to other websites, Musicnotes uses Scorch, an online transposing software for printable music. However, Scorch isn???t the only program they use. They have their own software attached to most of the songs which you are also required to download to view, called Musicnotes Suite. Both the Musicnotes viewer and Scorch allow you to transpose the music into any key you would like as well as allow you to listen to said music. The only downside to both of these programs is the 15 minute one-time (or more depending on how computer savvy you are) installation process.

However, once you get past the plugin installations, it should be smooth sailing. Musicnotes has conveniently divided their selection into popular categories like piano, guitar, voice, etc., that are located on the top navigation bar on any page. From here, these categories are separated down into ever more concise areas. If you still can???t find what you are looking for, there is a simple search bar at the very top of each page that is pretty comprehensive. We searched for ???oboe classical duets??? and came up with a few digital downloads and a selection of music books.

Website Features

Musicnotes is continually surveying their customers to make sure they are provided the best service available. It appears from their FAQs that their excellent customer service has been earned. More than 100 questions are pre-answered for the inquiring musician like ???Why don’t I get the option to save a file when I purchase digital sheet music in Scorch format???? or ???Which headset microphones do you recommend for use with Guitar Guru???? or ???What is your return policy???? If your questions are still not answered, you can submit a unique question via a toll-free number or by email.

What can we say besides Musicnotes should be at the top of every musician???s list as a top notch online sheet music store? They have method books for the beginner, concertos for the expert and everything in between. They have Taylor Swift???s latest hit, Mozart???s defining pieces and Christmas tunes sure to bring a tear to your eye. They have it all. Whether you want a piece of music today, right now or are willing to wait for a bassoon duet book delivered to you, is your go-to site.

Ease of Use

Help & Support


video share – Break is a great website because it knows what it wants to be and sticks with it. While most other video share websites will take anything you would care to submit, Break has made a name for itself by committing to specific kinds of videos. The vast majority of the videos on Break are humorous, whether they are bloopers and blunders caught on video or scripted clips created by users.

Audience Features

The only other kinds of videos you will find on Break are related to sports, entertainment and the military. It???s easy to see that this site is aimed at a male demographic, but Break unabashedly hits its target, drawing in millions of viewers from all over the globe and most of them men.

Despite the predominantly male user base, Break has a lot to offer for anybody looking for humorous videos. Don???t come looking for how-to videos or recordings of fifth grade graduation ceremonies, unless something goes hilariously wrong. Frankly, that???s the main reason people look for videos on the internet, for a good laugh. So Break can actually provide a lot of videos you???ll like.

On the other hand, the Break community isn???t as useful as some other sites because there is such a gender divide. Comments are usually more antagonistic and ratings aren???t as objective because the majority of viewers are interested in similar things.

There are a lot of people who submit videos to Break, so the video library is pretty vast. There also seems to be a pretty good review and organizational system for the videos because there are far less duplicates on Break than on most other sites. This makes the site cleaner and offers a better selection of recommendations when you search for a video.

Overall, Break doesn???t have the same broad community or diverse demographic that you might find in YouTube or Metacafe, but it still has a formidable selection of funny and entertaining videos that make the site well worth your time.

Producer Features

If you are looking for ways to make your own videos, check out our rankings of the best camcorders and the best multimedia cell phones.

The Break user interface looks a little cluttered, even though it is still as functional as other sites. In fact, once you get past the design, you realize that Break is actually much easier to interface with than most other sites.

In the viewing pane, Break gives you far more viewing options than any other video share site. First of all, it???s nice to see both how much time is elapsed in a video and how much is left when a lot of sites only do one or the other. But Break goes even farther by offering easy keystroke shortcuts for all the common actions you take (play, pause, fast forward, etc.).

Then Break takes it even farther by letting you adjust color contrast and brightness right in the viewing pane itself. Not something the average user will need, but no small contribution nonetheless. You even have the option of turning slo-mo on and off, something we haven???t seen anywhere else.

Of course all this is trumped by the fact that you can play, pause, fast forward and rewind but simply clicking on the screen and moving the mouse back and forth. We had a hard time deciding which was more convenient, the mouse controls or the keystroke shortcuts. Giving this kind of control to the user is the real strength of Break.

The other nice innovation in Break is the user rating system. Instead of a series of stars like everybody else, Break uses a simple thumbs down, thumbs up system. You can vote thumbs up or thumbs down for every video (only if you are logged in, of course) and Break keeps a tally of just how many thumbs up a video has (you can???t have a negative score, if you keep hitting thumbs down when a movie has zero votes, it will stay at zero).


We actually liked this system because it got rid of the arbitrary ???is it worth a 3.5 or just a 3??? business and simplifies it to a yes or no. If a lot of people have voted yes, chances are that it???s good.

Break offers users three different ways to upload content. You can use the upload page on the site, you can email your video to Break or you can upload it directly from your cell phone. You must be a member to upload any content.

Ease of Use

Break doesn???t have a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to uploading videos. The system is pretty simple and doesn???t really offer much in the way of editing tools. One advantage of Break is that you can also upload picture albums in addition to your videos.

You can get paid for putting content on Break???s site, but it isn???t as easy as it is on other sites. If the people at Break like your video enough, they will put your video on the home page, and you will get paid for having it there. They are pretty vague about just how much you???ll get paid, but it???s probably better than nothing.

As we mentioned before, the vast majority of Break content is humorous or has to do with sports and entertainment. Don???t go here looking for the latest episode of your favorite TV show.

Break will accept most major video formats, including WMV, AVI, MPG and MOV. You can also post photo albums with JPG, BMP or PNG formats. All video files must be less than 60MB.


Break is extremely easy to use because it offers you a level of control that most other sites lack. You can adjust the color, contrast and brightness of a video as well as watch it in slow motion. But Break makes the process even easier by offering keyboard shortcuts and the ability to control the video simply by clicking and dragging your mouse over the video viewing pane.


The uploading process is fairly easy, if not the most streamlined of all these sites.

Break is a little light on the technical support. There is a FAQ available that answers all the basic questions, but it doesn???t bother to go very deep into issues and doesn???t cover all the questions you might have.

You can also email Break if you need more help than the FAQ can provide.

Even though Break is pretty specialized towards humor and the male demographic, it still offers an incredible selection of videos that will keep you happy for hours, no matter your gender. The viewer interface is also one of the most comprehensive and easiest to use of any video sharing site we used.

website template service – Flash4layouts

Flash4layouts has the potential to become a leader in the Flash template market, they offer over 8000 templates and many of them are really appealing templates with flash, SWISH and other interactive elements as well as high quality stock photography.

Template Selection

We also like that Flash4layouts offers quite a bit of information about the templates, so you can make a better pre-purchase decision, such as file types, software requirements and server requirements.

They offer per template, unique and deals for buying three at time, however they do not offer a membership.

Flash4layouts offers over 8000 templates in a variety of formats, including standard, CSS and flash as well as sites for Joomla and other CMS platforms. They also have sites with SWISH elements, flash intros and ecommerce website templates. Though they do not offer all types of templates, they do offer the types most people are looking for and they offer an attractive collection that does not look overly dated or common.

You can easily find templates on the Flash4layouts site by type, category, keyword or even template number. In addition, all of their templates come in common file types. We would like to see them offer a membership program, though three for under a hundred is not that bad of a deal.

It is easy to purchase, download and unzip their website template files and you can easily find the template you are looking for, and with sites like this that is about all you have to worry about.

Feature Set

They offer support by email and post some useful information online. We should like to see them amp up their support a bit, perhaps add chat and telephone support, or even a more extensive online knowledgebase beyond their FAQs section.

We actually really liked the templates offered by Flash4layouts and the prices are reasonable, but we would like to see them add some more support options and perhaps a membership program.

For a more comprehensive service with a larger selection see our #1 product Template Monster.

Ease of Use



sheet music – Sheet Music Digital

Sheet Music Digital is exactly what its name implies and with almost 200,000 pieces of online sheet music, you can’t download those songs fast enough! After wading through all of that content on Sheet Music Digital, you are sure to find that perfect score.

Inventory Selection

Sheet Music Digital has a huge selection and the organization of it all is one of the problems with the site. They have links for public domain sheet music, one for licensed digital sheet music, one for PDF files, one for lessons & resources sheet music and more. There is so much inventory it is overwhelming. However, if you have time to browse through each section, you will most likely come away with a new sheet music library. Like other online sheet music stores, Sheet Music Digital does have a membership fee. $29.95 gets you a “Lifetime Platinum Membership” which gives you access to all of their public domain music and gives you a discount on all other music.

As mentioned previously, the website has a ton of content and as such it’s not very user friendly. That being said, the site does have many redeeming qualities

Once you sort through all of the content on Sheet Music Digital’s website and purchase a membership, downloading the music is easy enough. Also, if you ever have any problems, the owner of the site is known for his great customer service.

Customer service is key to Sheet Music Digital and they have a testimonial page filled with customer compliments to prove it. If you do need to reach someone for help, they have a direct phone number for questions or an online email form they will respond to within 24 hours.

Sheet Music Digital is brimming with downloadable sheet music. You don’t have to purchase a membership to buy a piece of music, but if you are going to buy more than eight pieces, a membership just may save you money. Consequently, if you are looking for an online music store that offers free sheet music, visit our other online sheet music stores reviews.

Website Features

Ease of Use

Help & Support


virtual assistants – Worldwide101 2017

Worldwide101 is a virtual assistant company with assistants from many different areas of the world. You are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who can help you accomplish numerous tasks and projects to help your business or your day run more smoothly. This virtual assistant service is much more flexible in its hours than similar companies and provides a fast turnaround time on most tasks.


With Worldwide101, your virtual assistant is available during normal business hours throughout the week to complete your desired tasks. If you need an assistant to work on holidays or weekends, this company can accommodate you as needed.

This virtual assistant solution can easily accomplish most tasks and projects assigned to them. Basic tasks such as managing calendars and responding to emails can all be done quickly and easily by your assistant, as well as more time-consuming projects such as presentations, bookkeeping and graphic design. Your dedicated assistant ??? or, if you desire, a team of dedicated assistants ??? will accomplish all of your work; your tasks are never outsourced to other companies for completion. Additionally, if your assistant is away on vacation or sick, a backup assistant is provided to you.

All of the virtual assistants from this company are qualified. However, the company does not provide any training for them. If you desire, you can train your assistant so he or she is familiar with your processes and the expectations you set.

Virtual assistants from this company are located around the world. However, you can choose what country you prefer your virtual assistant to be from if you wish. Its main offices are located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this company is its customer service. Email and telephone options are the only way to reach representatives. However, we never received any email responses to the numerous inquiries we sent. When we called via telephone, no one was ever available to speak with us.

Worldwide101 hires virtual assistants from many countries, which gives it a little more flexibility in its services and hours. We would like to see a few more requirements to become an assistant and its customer support greatly improved. However, its flexibility and ability to handle an assortment of tasks are in this company’s favor.

web hosting – EasyCGI 2017

EasyCGI is an accommodating web hosting service in terms of what it provides for bandwidth and storage. However, it doesn’t give you free rein of features, an area where it falls far behind the competition. In short, this hosting service is one option for small business web hosting and limited websites, but if you have something bigger in mind, it is best to choose a bigger web hosting company.


The level of content and traffic that EasyCGI provides with a basic plan is impressive. There are three levels of shared hosting, which provides flexibility and allows you site to grow along with your business. Most web hosts only allow you to run one domain under one account. This web host allows you to run unlimited domains, as well as have unlimited subdomains and parked domains.

EasyCGI is better suited to techies than beginners. It doesn’t have an easy-install script library, so you have to do that on your own if you want WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. It also doesn’t have very many applications to choose from when compared with competitors. It does offer osCommerce to fill your shopping cart needs but doesn’t provide any kind of selection.

There is one good thing to consider, though it is not exclusive to EasyCGI: The company offers a shared SSL certificate for all of its hosting packages. This little mark of authenticity can sometimes be expensive, so it’s a nice inclusion.

As EasyCGI is linked with a dozen other hosts on our lineup, we received the same standard message at the end of account registration. We were informed that our order was being reviewed by the order verification team. This service claims that this is a fast process. In our experience, it meant that its specialists were not going to take a second look. Usability is hurt if you cannot signup easily, verify by email or get your domain and host account approved at the same time. When we contacted the company???s support staff, we were told that no account had been set up. On average, its live chat staff took eight minutes for initial contact and five minutes between responses.

EasyCGI is only a viable solution if you plan on something simple ??? informative websites or blogs shouldn’t have any problem with this web hosting service. As you increase the complexity of your site, you start to run into problems. The data limitations are just the beginning. Scripts must be installed manually, cron jobs are not allowed and only one shopping cart is available with startup.

typing software – UltraKey 2017

UltraKey 6 is powerful typing software that is nearly three decades in the making. Developed by educators with years of experience, this application employs an effective success-based methodology. Instead of adhering to an essentially game-based platform, as some typing applications do, UltraKey 6 uses a goal-oriented approach to motivate and reward people looking to develop their touch-typing skills.

Typing Training

The program charts a clear and attainable course to becoming an expert typist, with an accumulative curriculum, easy-to-understand lesson objectives and personalized performance goals. This effective and proven approach to typing instruction, in conjunction with rich functionality and simple usability, earns UltraKey our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award as the best typing software.

This typing test software is engineered for schools and other community or business enterprises, but is also great for home use. With the ability to add up to eight users, each member of the family can learn to type at his or her own pace.

With logical instruction, each lesson builds on skills learned in previous lessons, creating a cumulative learning experience. The software is composed of hundreds of comprehensive lessons, skills checks and tests and typing exercises. The lessons are designed to help you evolve from making conscious, isolated keystrokes to fluid, habitual typing. UltraKey accomplishes this by first introducing single letters at the beginning of a lesson and then progressing to letter combinations and sentences that use those letters.

Each exercise begins with a clear set of instructions and objectives. This is important because you begin each application understanding how it will help you develop as a typist. UltraKey adapts to each individual typist for more effective training and allows you to progress at your own pace. The software recommends lessons and performance goals based on an initial skills assessment. You can also repeat any lesson or typing exercise for additional practice.

Other critical training tools include warm-up exercises to mentally and physically prepare you for lessons, and timed typing tests that last up to five minutes. The software a lso teaches proper typing posture and positioning in its first lesson. In fact, it places such a strong emphasis on proper typing technique that it reminds you of proper positioning at the beginning of each exercise and frequently prompts you to take stretching breaks between exercises to prevent fatigue and poor posture.

Learning Tools

UltraKey supplements its training with instructional video tutorials. These videos outline and explain essential keyboarding concepts. The software also provides audio instruction: you can have any of the application’s content read aloud. The audio instruction is not necessarily intended for dictation purposes, but it can be used that way. Unfortunately, this software does not include 10-key instruction. If entering numeric data is an important part of your skill development, this program won???t help you with that.

While UltraKey’s primary focus is on its core typing curriculum, the application delivers all of the supplementary features that are essential in top-notch typing software. For example, it utilizes an interactive virtual keyboard. When you make typing errors, the hands on the keyboard show you the proper sequence of typing for that particular exercise. A virtual keyboard in typing software helps you learn and develop accurate typing reflexes.

A standout feature of the software is its intuitive interface. The polished graphics give the application a modern look and feel that will appeal to people of all ages. There are also exceptional personalization options. The typing software comes with 12 different interface themes. The interfaces are about more than mere aesthetics ??? they are designed to adapt to a wide range of user preferences and learning styles. There are even themes and options designed for typists with disabilities or special needs, such as the visually impaired. For optimal visual comfort, you can also customize the font as well as adjust the brightness and contrast on the interface.

An additional noteworthy feature is this application’s cross-platform functionality. You can install UltraKey on up to three computers, and if you have a mix of Mac and Windows computers in your home this program will accommodate both. The virtual keyboard mirrors the type of machine you use.

Progress reporting is another area in which UltraKey excels. The typing software provides progress charts whenever you complete a lesson, skill check or typing test. You can also view a progress report at any time to assess your overall progression through the application.

Most typing software tracks both typing accuracy and speed, and UltraKey is no exception. However, this application’s skill assessments are more precise and in-depth than what is found in most typing software on the market. To attain an accurate words-per-minute rate, the typing software presents typing tests that last up to five minutes.

Progress Reporting

In terms of accuracy, the application doesn’t just give you an approximate accuracy percentage; the software analyzes the nature of your typing errors and correctly pinp oints missed keys, wrong keys, incorrectly inserted keys and your total number of errors. Such comprehensive assessments are a great way to provide accurate tracking and correctly diagnosis typing errors. The software even suggests lessons and exercises based on your typing patterns and the types of errors you make.

Beyond its progress tracking, UltraKey recommends performance goals based on your current typing capabilities. You can also set your own goals, whether you want to attain a specific speed target or eliminate typing errors.

Help & Support

The typing software provides versatile management controls for administrative users, such as teachers, employers and even parents. Managers have complete control over user tracking, reporting and customized options for their group of users. UltraKey offers cloud-enabled data management for its multi-user clients. This means that user records are conveniently stored in the cloud and can be accessed from the UltraKey desktop client.

Given UltraKey’s notable usability, it is not likely that you will run into many issues while using the software. However, there are additional support resources that can help you use the application more effectively.

In addition to the videos, you can access a user guide and help links directly from the software’s interface. There is also a manager’s guide that details how to manage and track multiple users. For direct technical support, you can contact the manufacturer via telephone or email.

UltraKey 6 makes it easy to learn how to type with its unique, success-based training and accurate, in-depth progress tracking. The software’s intuitive and customizable interface ensures an educational typing experience that is fine-tuned for your personal preferences and learning style. Whether you are looking to improve your keyboarding skills or searching for effective typing applications to use at an enterprise level, UltraKey 6 is exceptional typing software that will help you achieve your typing goals.


toaster ovens – Frigidaire 2017

The Frigidaire Professional 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven FPCO06D7MS allows you to make cookies, pizza, roast, bagels and toast with ease. With over 10 preset cooking functions, you can cook a wide assortment of foods with this oven.


Using the bake function, you can adjust the temperature between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. While the toaster oven does not have a defrost setting, it has specific settings to reheat and warm your food. This toaster oven uses 1,500 watts, which is a higher number than most of the toaster ovens in our lineup use.

This compact toaster oven cooks food evenly. During our tests, the toaster oven performed well by effectively cooking a variety of foods. Each of the foods came out toasted evenly. However, when testing the length of time the oven took to preheat, the toaster oven never reached the set temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit until we raised the temperature of the unit.

Frigidaire???s stainless-steel toaster oven holds up to six slices of bread on its rack. In addition to the rack, the toaster oven comes with a bake pan and a pizza pan. You can choose from a variety of cooking methods with a conventional, an infrared and a convection fan. With infrared and convectional cooking, the heat-up time is reduced and the food cooks more evenly than it does with a conventional oven.

This small toaster oven weighs a little over 15 pounds. To control the cooking function, temperature and time, the toaster oven has clearly labeled dials. It also has buttons to start and stop the unit, as well as to turn on the convection fan. Between its sleek design and user-friendly interface, this unit serves as a quality toaster oven.

This six-slice toaster oven may lack an automatic rack ejector, but it has several other features that make it both convenient and safe. With automatic shut-off, you can set how long you want the food to cook for and be assured that the oven will turn off after the timer ends. This toaster oven also remains relatively cool when in use. When cooking at 350 degrees, the exterior temperature of the unit remained at 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the handle only reached 77 degrees. The toaster oven also has a nonstick interior, which helps with cleaning and maintenance of the unit.

When testing the accuracy of this unit, we found that this toaster oven???s internal temperature was slightly lower than the temperature for which we set the oven. In other words, it may add a small increase to cooking times. The 45-minute timer also might limit the foods you can make, unless you adjust the timer while the food is cooking.

This toaster oven has 10 different cooking functions, which is more than any other toaster oven we reviewed. These functions include bagel, bake, broil, convection, cookies, pizza, reheat, roast, toast and warm. Depending on what food you are cooking, you can adjust the rack to either make more room or place it closer to a heating element. Additionally, this toaster oven comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard.

The Frigidaire Professional 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven is an effective and user-friendly toaster oven. With 10 cooking functions, you can use this oven to cook almost any food. While the oven may cook at a slightly lower temperature than it is set for, it cooks your food both quickly and evenly.